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Figure 1

From: Altered lipid levels provide evidence for myelin dysfunction in multiple system atrophy

Figure 1

Analysis of MSA brain tissues. Analysis of cells using Nissl staining and GCIs using α-synuclein immunohistochemistry in the white matter underlying the motor cortex of MSA and control brain (A,B). Despite obvious α-synuclein accumulation in GCIs only in MSA, no significant cell loss or other tissue alterations were detected. The biosynthetic pathway of myelin lipids sphingomyelin, sulfatide and galactosylceramide (C). Extracted ion chromatograms for sphingomyelin, sulfatide and galactosylceramide species (D). Total and extracted ion chromatograms are shown for C12:0 internal standards, as well as native C18:0 and C24:1 variants for each lipid class, in a control MC white matter tissue sample. Individual MS scans are shown rather than smoothed peaks. Each individual ion peak was comprised of a minimum of 10 MS scans.

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