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Figure 4 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 4

From: Hirano body expression impairs spatial working memory in a novel mouse model

Figure 4

Inflammatory response in astrocytes, but not microglia of 8 month old R26CT-CRE mice. Paraffin embedded brain sections from 8 month old R26CT and R26CT-CRE mice were dewaxed and stained with DAB using antibodies against ED1 or GFAP to label activated microglia and reactive astrocytes, respectively. 8 month old R26CT and R26CT-CRE show no ED1 staining in the hippocampus or cerebral cortex. R26CT mice also show no GFAP staining in either hippocampus or cerebral cortex. R26CT-CRE mice have GFAP staining in the hippocampus but not cerebral cortex. Scale bars represent 50 or 500 μm.

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