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Table 1 The sources of the antibodies used, and respective pre-treatment and dilution

From: Two cases of multinodular and vacuolating neuronal tumour

Antibody Dilution Pre-treatment Supplier Code
Ankyrin-G 1:100 H2(20) NeuroMab 75-146
APP 1:7500 H2(10) Chemicon MAB348
Calbindin 1:250 H2(20) Sigma C7354
Calretinin 1:100 H1(20) Novocastra NCL-CALRETININ
CD3 1:50 H2(30) Dako M7254
CD34 1:150 H2(20) Dako M7165
CD45 (LCA) 1:200 H1(30) Dako M0701
CD68 (PGM1) 1:50 H2(20) Dako M0876
Chromogranin 1:100 H2(20) Novocastra NCL-CHROM-430
GFAP 1:1000 H1(5) Dako Z0334
HLA-DR (cr3/43) 1:300 H2(20) Dako M0775
HuC/HuD 1:160 H1 (30) Molecular probes A-21271
IDH1 1:50 H1(20) Dianova DIA H09 L
Ki67 1:100 H2(20) Dako M7240
Nestin 1:200 H2(20) Santa Cruz biotech sc-23927
Neu N 1:2000 H1(20) Chemicon MAB377
NF (pan-NF) 1:100 H2(30) Zymed 18-0171Z
NF200 KD 1:500 H1(5) Dako M0762
p62 1:100 H2(20) BD Transduction labs 610833
Parvalbumin 1:500 H2(20) Millipore (Chemicon) MAB1572
Synaptophysin 1:40 H2(20) Dako M0776
Synuclein 1:500 Offline* BD Transduction labs 610787
Tau (AT8) 1:500 H1(20) Innogenetics MN1020
TDP43-P 1:1500 H1(30) Cosmo Bio Ltd. TIP-PTD-P02
  1. Pre-treatment codes: H1(5) = Epitope Retrieval Solution 1 (ER1) for 5 minutes; H1(10) = Epitope Retrieval Solution 1 (ER1) for 10 minutes; H2(20) = Epitope Retrieval Solution 2 (ER2) for 20 minutes; H2(30) = Epitope Retrieval Solution 1 (ER1) for 10 minutes. *Synuclein offline pre-treatment: 60 minutes in 80% Aqueous Formic Acid.