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Figure 12

From: Selective vulnerability of the cerebral vasculature to blast injury in a rat model of mild traumatic brain injury

Figure 12

Blast-induced degenerative changes in cerebral microvessels. In panels A-D cerebral microvessels are shown from an animal that received a single 74.5 kPa blast exposure and was sacrificed 24 hours later. Panels E and F illustrate longitudinally cut cerebral microvessels from non-blast exposed controls. All the microvessels in panels A-D have lost their luminal circularity and the microvessel walls are irregular. In panel A, a dysmorphic endothelial cell nucleus (asterisk) is seen in the lumen of the vessel. In panel D, the nucleus of a perivascular cell (arrow) with degenerative changes is indicated. Despite the destruction of the microvessel the surrounding neuropil appears intact. Scale bar: 1 μm A-D; 3.5 μm E-F.

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