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Figure 7 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 7

From: Obesity and diabetes cause cognitive dysfunction in the absence of accelerated β-amyloid deposition in a novel murine model of mixed or vascular dementia

Figure 7

Stroke pathology in db/AD mice. Sequential (a posterior to b) T2*-MRI coronal images from an older db/AD mouse showing a neocortical event (arrow) near the corpus callosum; images are separated by ~300 μm. (c - d) The brain was sectioned transversely to obtain confirmation of stroke extent. Prussian blue staining with neutral red counterstain showed no evidence of hemorrhage, indicating an ischemic stroke event. P – A: posterior / anterior, for orientation (N.B.: section is perpendicular to scanning axis). (e- j) ~70% of db/AD mice (n = 11/15) had strokes (arrowheads); these were rare in AD mice (g: n = 2/9), and not found at all in WT (e: n = 9) or db mice (f: n = 10). All mice imaged were 12–14 months old. The db/AD mice (h - j) often have multiple incidents as opposed to the two AD mice, which only displayed one or two small strokes. Representative cases are shown (all scans are at about the same neuroanatomical level).

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