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Figure 5 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 5

From: Obesity and diabetes cause cognitive dysfunction in the absence of accelerated β-amyloid deposition in a novel murine model of mixed or vascular dementia

Figure 5

Synapse Loss in db/AD mice. (a) A representative immunoblot of PSD95 expression in brains from older db/AD mice. The immunoblot was visualized with an Odyssey Infrared Imager (LI-COR). Red = PSD95, Green = GAPDH. (b) Analysis of PSD95 expression in the four main genotypes. PSD95 expression was standardized to that of GAPDH in the same lane. PSD95 expression was unaffected by either the db (p > 0.3) or the AD (p > 0.09) genotype.

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