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Table 1 IDH1/2 mutations detected and identified* with the IDH1/2 PCR assay

From: A new sensitive PCR assay for one-step detection of 12 IDH1/2 mutations in glioma

Gene Mutation Base change Cosmic ID**
IDH1 Arg132His (R132H)* 395G > A COSM28746
Arg132Cys (R132C)* 394C > T COSM28747
Arg132Ser (R132S) 394C > A COSM28748
Arg132Gly (R132G) 394 C > G COSM28749
Arg132Leu (R132L) 395G > T COSM28750
Arg132Val (R132V) 394_395 CG > GT COSM28751
Arg100Gln (R100Q) 299 G > A COSM88208
IDH2 Arg172Lys (R172K)* 515G > A COSM33733
Arg172Met (R172M) 515G > T COSM33732
Arg172Trp (R172W) 514A > T COSM34039
Arg172Ser (R172S) 516G > T COSM34090
  Arg172Gly (R172G) 514A > G COSM33731
  1. * Mutations identified by ARMS.
  2. **