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Table 1 Characterisation of MB original patient samples and their derived cell lines

From: Overcoming multiple drug resistance mechanisms in medulloblastoma

Name Tumour   Cell lines
  Histology IHC MB subtype marker CTNNB1 mutated IHC ABCB1 % IHC MGMT MB subtype Subtype QRTPCR MYC status CTNNB1 mutated MB subtype
MED 1 LC/A KCNA1 No 11.2 - Group 4 KCNA1 positive MYCN Amplified No Group 4
MED 3 Classical Moderate NPR3 No 0 + Group 3 NPR3 positive Normal No Group 3
MED4 LC/A NPR3 No 1.9 + Group 3 NPR3 positive MYCN gain No Group 3
MED4R LC/A NPR3 No 4.5 + Group 3 NPR3 positive MYCN gain No Group 3
MED5R LC/A β-catenin Yes 6.2 + WNT* NPR3 positive Normal Yes WNT
MED6 Classical β-catenin Yes 1.2 + WNT* NPR3 positive Normal No Group 3
UW228-3 Classical NA NA NA NA Group 3 NPR3 positive MYCC gain No Group 3
DAOY Desmoplastic NA NA NA NA SHH? None Normal No SHH[62]**
  1. Abbreviation: LC/A = large cell/anaplastic medulloblastoma, R=recurrent, IHC = immunohistochemistry, WNT = β-catenin positive, Group 3 = NPR3 positive, Group 4= KCNA1 positive, MED4 and MED4R are from the same patient.
  2. *Frozen tissue from MED5R and MED6 has CTNNB1 mutation at codon 33 and 37 respectively. NA= tumour material not available. **DAOY cell line was characterised as SHH by Pambid et al. [62].