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Figure 7 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 7

From: Layer-specific gene expression in epileptogenic type II focal cortical dysplasia: normal-looking neurons reveal the presence of a hidden laminar organization

Figure 7

Representative LSG expression in BCs. a, b. Example of Type IIb FCD (temporal lobe) characterised by a severe lesion with numerous DNs dispersed throughout the cortex (a, SMI ir), and the presence of BCs in the white matter (b, vimentin ir). Adjacent sections from the same case as that shown in a and b showing the expression of Cux2 (c), Rorβ (d), Er81 (g) and Nurr1 (h) in BCs in the white matter (boxed area in b). Note the heterogeneous expression of the LSGs in the BCs. e, f, i, j: Details of the regions marked with asterisks in c, d, g and h showing the morphological features of the BCs. Confocal double immunofluorescence images combining vimentin ir (red) with ISH for Er81 (k-m) and Nurr1 (n-p) confirmed the identification of the BCs. Scale bars:1, 41 mm (a); 1,27 (b); 357 μm (c, d, g, h); 92 μm (e, f, i, j); 70 μm k-p).

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