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Figure 5 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Figure 5

From: Layer-specific gene expression in epileptogenic type II focal cortical dysplasia: normal-looking neurons reveal the presence of a hidden laminar organization

Figure 5

Details of layer-specific gene expression in DNs and BCs. For each case, the presence of DNs positive for the different LSG is indicated by a black or grey cell (the white cells indicate no labelling): the black cells indicate that DN distribution is severely affected, and the grey cells indicate DNs distributed in their corresponding layers. In the case of BCs, the hatched cells indicate the presence of the different LSGs, and the white cells indicate no labelling (nr = not clearly recognisable). Abbreviations: BCs: balloon cells; DNs: dysmorphic neurons; FCD: focal cortical dysplasia; ID: patient identification number. *The site is the cortical area that underwent ISH analysis (O: occipital; T: temporal; F: frontal; P: parietal).

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