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Figure 4

From: Neuromyelitis optica MOG-IgG causes reversible lesions in mouse brain

Figure 4

MOG-IgG 2B7 causes loss of LFB staining largely independent of immune cells or complement activation. A. Adjacent sections stained with H + E and LFB at seven days after injecting MOG-IgG2B7 + Chu. Green line shows loss of LFB staining. Rectangles show sites of Sections. B. Mouse brain immunostaned for C5b-9 at 24 hours after injection of IgGCON + Chu, IgGMOG + Chu, or IgGAQP4 + Chu. Lu, lumen; wm, white matter. Weak (gray arrows) and strong (black arrows) immunoreactivity. C. Loss of LFB staining at 24 hours after injection of MOG-IgG2B7, MOG-IgG2B7 + Chu, or isotype control (CON-IgG2B4). 5 mice per group. Mean ± SEM. P < 0.05*, < 0.01**. Bar 50 μm (A bottom right, B), 200 μm (A bottom left), 1 mm (A top).

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