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Figure 2

From: Neuromyelitis optica MOG-IgG causes reversible lesions in mouse brain

Figure 2

Effect of MOG-IgG and AQP4-IgG on astrocytes. Mice received IgGCON + Chu (purple), IgGMOG + Chu (green) or IgGAQP4 + Chu (blue), were killed at 24 hours (d1), seven days (d7) or two weeks (d14) and coronal brain sections were cut through the injection site. A. (Top) AQP4 immunostain. Arrows, perivascular immunostain; red line, lesion border; ↑AQP4, area with high AQP4 (reactive astrocytes). (Bottom) % AQP4 loss (AQP4 immunonegative area/ipsilateral hemispheric area) vs. days since injection. B. GFAP immunostain. Arrows, GFAP+ processes; red line, lesion border; ↑GFAP, area with high GFAP (reactive astrocytes). Mean ± SEM, 5 mice per group. P < 0.01**, 0.001*** (compared with each of the other two groups). Bar 50 μm (A, B).

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