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Figure 6

From: In vivo imaging reveals sigmoidal growth kinetic of β-amyloid plaques

Figure 6

Spatial relationship between growth rates of neighboring plaques. (a) Amyloid plaques are displayed as 3D volume-rendered images. Plaque growth rates are color-coded according to a classification into 5 bins. One square represents 100 μm. (b) Shortest distance to the closest neighboring plaque (90 plaques), calculated from the long-term imaging over 15.5 months. The shortest distances are displayed in the graph with the mean and 95% CI (65.8 μm, 55.3-78.4 μm CI). (c) For each pair of nearest neighbor plaques the difference between their linear plaque growth rates and their shortest distance were calculated (open circles). No relationship between both parameters could be measured by linear regression. The slope was not statistically significant different from zero. Statistical test: F-test (c).

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