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Figure 2

From: Neuronal injury biomarkers and prognosis in ADNI subjects with normal cognition

Figure 2

Validation of aHV transformation, cognitive and biomarker cutoffs and progression of ADNI-1 CN subjects. Comparisons of cross-validated 1.5-T and corresponding 3-T (a). Progression from CN to MCI/DAT in the ADNI-1 cohort (b). Prevalence of the different CN categories with the use of different neuronal injury biomarkers (c). Conversion of CN subjects to MCI/DAT in adjusted in ADNI-1/GO/2 CN subjects using aHV (d) (dotted line represents cutpoint of the heaviside function), SPARE-AD (e), t-tau/Aβ1–42 ratio (f) and the CN categories defined by the combined NI biomarkers (g).

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