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Figure 2

From: The identification of mitochondrial DNA variants in glioblastoma multiforme

Figure 2

HRM analysis of HSR-GBM1 cells that have undergone mtDNA depletion for up to 50 days, followed by the replenishment of mtDNA in vivo in immunedeficient nude mice, based on the panel of variants identified across the different GBM cell lines. Tumors mtDNA50, mtDNA20, mtDNA3 and mtDNA0.2 were generated with HSR-GBM1 cells depleted of their mtDNA copy number to 50%, 20%, 3% and 0.2% of their original copy number relative to non-depleted HSR-GBM1 cells (mtDNA100). Multiple samples for each tumor type represent experimental replicates. The variants highlighted in yellow indicate variants shared between all samples analysed. Variants highlighted in orange represent those that have been acquired de novo during tumor formation and were identified within the other GBM cell lines.

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