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Table 1 Description and definition of the quantification of the filamentous or granular depositions

From: Filamentous white matter prion protein deposition is a distinctive feature of multiple inherited prion diseases

Score (granules or threads) Number of inclusions (High power field (HPF) with a 40× objective)
0 Less than 1 inclusion per 4 HPF
1 More than 1 inclusion per 4 HPF, up to 5 inclusions per 1 HPF
2 5-20 inclusions per 1 HPF
3 More than 20 inclusions per 1 HPF
  1. Scoring scheme used to semiquantitatively assess the frequency and density of granular or filamentous inclusions in DAB stained paraffin sections on a LEICA DM2500 with a 40× HCX Pan Apochromat objective.