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Table 3 Demographic data and examined anatomical regions from other neurodegenerative disorders cases

From: N-truncated Abeta starting with position four: early intraneuronal accumulation and rescue of toxicity using NT4X-167, a novel monoclonal antibody

No Case/Disease Age Sex Examined regions
1 DLB 81 F Temporal Cx
2 PD 62 M Mesencephalon (SN)
3 MSA 52 M Pons
4 PSP 69 M Basal Ganglia
5 PiD 70 F Hippocampus + Ent Ctx + Temp Ctx
6 FTLD 62 F Hippocampus + Ent Ctx + Temp Ctx
7 CJD 72 F Hippocampus + Ent Ctx + Temp Ctx + Cbll
8 Binswanger disease 49 F Basal Ganglia
  1. Abbreviations: DLB dementia with Lewy bodies, PD Parkinson’s disease, MSA multiple system atrophy, PSP progressive supranuclear palsy, PiD Pick’s disease, FTLD frontotemporal lobar degeneration, CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, M male, F female, Ent Cx entorhinal cortex, Temp Ctx temporal cortex, SN substantia nigra, Cbll cerebellum.