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Table 1 List of demographic data of sporadic AD patients and non-demented controls and the staining profile of the antibodies

From: N-truncated Abeta starting with position four: early intraneuronal accumulation and rescue of toxicity using NT4X-167, a novel monoclonal antibody

  No Age Mean±SEM Sex M/F Braak stage ApoE4 Plaques (IC16) CAA (IC16) Plaques (NT4X-167) CAA (NT4X-167)
Sporadic AD 13 76 ± 3 3/10 4-6 7/13 13/13 13/13 3/13 13/13
Controls 10 80 ± 2 6/4 0-1 2/10 5/10 3/10 0/10 3/10
  1. Of note, none of the controls showed NT4X-167 staining of plaques although 5 of them were positive with IC16, demonstrating a clear difference between AD and control cases. The amount of NT4X-167-positive plaques in sporadic AD brain was low.
  2. Abbreviations: No number of cases, M male, F female, ApoE4 number of cases with at least one ApoE4 allele, CAA cerebral amyloid angiopathy.