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Figure 3

From: Evidence of aquaporin involvement in human central pontine myelinolysis

Figure 3

CPM lesions with increased expression of AQPs. ( a ) The demyelinated lesion in the central basis pontis (Figure 2i-l) is heavily infiltrated with activated macrophages (KiM1P, scale bar = 5 mm); ( b ) Higher magnification of an area of macrophage infiltration (KiM1P, scale bar = 100 μm) also shows ( c ) relative myelin preservation and myelin containing macrophages (arrows) consistent with active demyelination (PLP, scale bar = 50 μm); ( d, e ) The lesion shows increased AQP4 expression, occasional macrophages containing AQP4-immunoreactive degradation products (d, arrow), AQP4-positive gemistocytic astrocytes (e, arrows) (AQP4, scale bar = 50 μm); ( f ) Mitotic astrocytes are present (HE, scale bar = 25 μm) and ( g ) AQP4 immunoreactive (AQP4, scale bar = 25 μm); ( h ) Gemistocytes are also present (HE, scale bar = 25 μm), and ( i ) AQP4 immunoreactive (AQP4, scale bar = 25 μm); ( j, k, l ) The lesion shows increased AQP1 expression, occasional macrophages containing AQP1-immunoreactive degradation products (j, arrow head), AQP1-positive gemistocytic astrocytes (j, k, l, arrows) and AQP1-positive mitotic astrocytes (j, inset arrow) (AQP1, scale bar = 50 μm); ( m, n ) The lesion shows increased GFAP immunoreactivity, tissue vacuolation, occasional macrophages containing GFAP + degradation products (m, inset), GFAP + gemistocytic astrocytes (m, n, arrows) as well as GFAP + mitotic astrocytes (n, arrow head) (GFAP, scale bar = 50 μm, inset scale bar = 25 μm); ( o ) Parenchymal inflammation is also present (CD3, scale bar = 25 μm).

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