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Table 6 Immunofluorescence analysis of arteries and veins in scrapie-infected and uninfected Tg44+/+ mice for detection of FITC-OVA at 30 min after microinjection of tracer

From: Unusual cerebral vascular prion protein amyloid distribution in scrapie-infected transgenic mice expressing anchorless prion protein

  Uninfected Scrapie-infected
Vessels N % N %
Arteries 78 82 152 79
Veins 17 18 40 21
Total 95 100 192 100
A/V ratio 4.6 to 1 3.8 to 1
  1. Data are from 3 mice per group; mice were analyzed between 250–280 days post-infection with RML scrapie as described in the Methods. Area counted: Uninfected =10.88 mm2, scrapie-infected = 19.52 mm2. Results similar to those in Tables 5 and 6 were also observed in uninfected C57BL/10 mice (data not shown). Data for arteries and veins for uninfected versus scrapie-infected Tg44+/+ mice were not significantly different by two-tailed Fischer’s exact test (p = 0.64). In contrast, there was a highly significant difference in numbers of arteries and veins associated with FITC-OVA (Table 6) versus PrPres (Table 2) in scrapie-infected mice (P < 0.0001) by two-tailed Fischer’s exact test.